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Tips for comfortable traveling with your little one

Tips for comfortable traveling with your little one

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Jakarta: Traveling with your little one is a memorable experience for every family. In that moment, your little one can learn many things both on the trip and at the destination.

The moment of family traveling can also be used as a good opportunity to strengthen the bond with your little one. To ensure that your little one always feels comfortable throughout the trip, mothers need to prepare all their needs, from clothes, food, milk, and of course diapers that are light and don't leak easily.

"Traveling is a fun adventure with your little one, Qwenzy. Traveling with a baby means having to prepare various needs as completely as possible so as not to be fussy both on the trip and at the destination later," said Kesha Ratuliu, a public figure and mother of one.

"The main thing to do is survey places that are baby friendly," said Kesha.

The following are baby friendly traveling tips according to Kesha:

1. Nursery room

The first thing to consider is the nursery room or a special place for breastfeeding or changing diapers, whether there are enough people, and others, because this will determine what equipment to bring.

2. Matching clothes

Second, clothes that fit the destination. Is the air cold or tends to be hot, and try to always carry a spare.


"Thirdly, I bring ASIP just in case there is no place for direct breastfeeding," explained Kesha.

4. Favorite toy

Favorite game to entertain Qwenzy to stay cheerful. Then the most important thing is to have to bring a reliable diaper that can keep Qwenzy's skin dry and make it comfortable to move and sleep well.

"I use the Makuku Air Diapers Slim diaper, because it has been proven to make Qwenzy anti-fussy with a combination of super soft, thin materials, and SAP technology which can reduce the risk of diaper rash and anti-clotting," explained Kesha.

Jason Lee, CEO of Makuku Indonesia, explained that the majority of diapers on the market today use a mixed core of pulp and SAP. This causes easy clumping, thick and heavy diapers, uneven absorption, and reverse osmosis occurs.

Pulp is the result of the separation of the fibers contained in wood fibers which are usually used to make paper. While SAP is a hydrophilic polymer that has the ability to absorb liquids up to more than 100 times its own weight.

"MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim uses a pure SAP core structure that is able to absorb fluids more optimally and hold them from coming into direct contact with baby's skin again, keeping baby's skin dry and preventing diaper rash," concluded Jason.

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