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The Importance of Cultivating the Foundation of Empathy for Others to Your Little One

The Importance of Cultivating the Foundation of Empathy for Others to Your Little One

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Jakarta: The first step to unlocking your little one's potential to become a great child is optimal stimulation. The first two steps can be by teaching children the importance of sharing and cultivating a foundation of empathy with others.

The initial steps for the little one to be taught the importance of sharing are realized by the presence of the Great Child Sharing Goodness program carried out by Bebelac.

"Starting last year, the Great Children Sharing Kindness activity has entered its second year of implementation and is a form of our commitment to inspire parents in teaching kindness and empathy to children so that they grow into children who have intelligence, courage, and kindness," said Bebelac Indonesia's Brand Director, Patrisia Marlina.

"The month of Ramadan, which is a month full of love, is the right time to teach the meaning of sharing and cultivate the foundation of empathy with others," he continued.

This year, Bebelac is again partnering with Kitabisa to distribute the Great Children Kindness Packages to Orphans and Orphanages in dozens of cities spread across 20 provinces throughout Indonesia. The Great Children's Kindness Package donation was obtained from the sale of Bebelac 3, Bebelac 4 and Bebelac 5 products from all minimarkets, hypermarkets or supermarkets, and eCommerce stores in Indonesia from March to April 2022.

"We realize that the first step in unlocking the potential of the Little One to be a Great Child is with optimal stimulation, but there are still many Indonesian children who have not been able to fulfill their nutritional needs and balanced stimulation," said Corporate Communications Director of Danone Indonesia, Arif Mujahidin.  

Through the activities of the Great Children Sharing Kindness Movement, it is hoped that it can support the growth and development of Indonesian children, especially in this challenging time, by providing assistance to underprivileged children so that they remain stimulated so that they can grow and develop optimally and become Great Children, through the use of Great Children's Kindness Package.

Unlike the previous year, based on the results of joint discussions with Child and Family Psychologist Samanta Elsener, M.Psi, this year Bebelac provided the Great Children Kindness Package which represents the three core values ​​of the Great Children Movement. Namely, Happy heart which is manifested in the form of a soft doll in the form of an animal that can provide a sense of security, a sense of protection for children as if to replace the position of a loved one.

Then, Happy brain is embodied in stimulating activities in the form of art activities to support creativity. Lastly, Happy tummy which is realized in the form of a nutritional package as complete nutritional support for children's growth and development.

"It is hoped that the benefits of this package can help children grow and develop by providing stimulation and balanced nutrition," concluded Arif.

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