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Recognize Your Talent with These Few Steps

Recognize Your Talent with These Few Steps

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Jakarta: Knowing your interests and talents is important in determining a major for those of you who want to study. What will you choose according to your interests and abilities.

However, sometimes finding what talent is suitable for the field of work that will be a contribution in the future, is not easy.

In the Goes To City Student Festival (FMM), which this time targets the Bandung area, presents Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) who share experiences to find passion or talent interests. Such is the experience of Indah Shafira, who is a graduate of Harvard University's S.2 majoring in International Education Policy.

This woman who is now working as a research consultant at the World Bank provides tips for you to find out what passion is in you. In addition, there are tips from Olivina Maskan who is a U-Report Ambassador at UNICEF, such as the following:

1. Passion can change

To the participants of the 2022 FMM Roadshow who are junior and high school students, Indah said that anyone should not worry if they haven't found their passion. Because before he worked in his current field, he had many choices of interests.

“Passion can change over time, for friends who don't know, continue to explore themselves, continue to study until they become experts in that field. Besides that, there can be more than one passion,” said Indah, who had studied International Relations for the bachelor's degree.

2. Explore your talents and interests

Continue to explore talents and interests by participating in competitions and extracurriculars. According to him, this is one way to find out passion. After participating in many activities, learning and trying new things, Indah went through before now finding her main passion in education, she even failed.

“Following the scholarship program is more likely to fail than succeed, even from failure you will learn a lot when applying for scholarships. But it becomes a self-reflection of what his shortcomings are. Friends who have big dreams must be prepared to fail too and if they fail, it means an opportunity to grow even better,” said Indah.

3. Innovative and problem solving


No less important, according to the World Economic Forum, innovation and problem solving are mandatory skills to survive in the 21st century. All of that can be obtained by diligently exploring yourself and participating in various competitions.

“In order to have this skill, you must be diligent in participating in competitions and self-exploration to know your abilities. Extracurriculars, organizations, try to join, make projects, from there you will be able to train innovative skills," he said again.

4. Experience is not supposition

Similarly, Olivina Maskan KOL who was present also shared her experience when she found her passion. Olive, who is a U-Report Ambassador at UNICEF, at first it was also not easy to find her talents and interests.  

“The important thing when determining passion must be based on experience, not assumptions. We have tried it or not, what makes us curious," said Olivina, who is also a writer and educational content creator.

Olivina also told me that since elementary school, she has done many things according to her interests, such as being a child doctor, swimming, and drawing. He did this until he finally found his passion in the field of communication, after participating in many public speaking competitions when he was in high school.

5. Exploration of many things

Olivina also gives tips on finding passion through trying many things. Then don't forget to write and categorize it based on the passion criteria. Does it fulfill a passion question that can make you happy while living it, increase energy, make you feel challenged, to make you forget the time.  

“It was a process where I found my passion and when I entered the communications department, I was not wrong when I did it. Besides that, take part in competitions to hone creativity, because problem solving skills are honed when facing challenges,” said Olivina.

"When my friends want to get out of their comfort zone and join the competition, then join FMM," he said again.

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