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For Students, If You Have Difficulty Focusing Here Are Tips You Can Do

For Students, If You Have Difficulty Focusing Here Are Tips You Can Do

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Jakarta: Having a lot of tasks to complete can sometimes make a person feel overwhelmed. Not only adults, students also often experience this.

Confused about which task to do first, difficulties in managing time, and finally not being able to finish on time are often experienced by students. And here's what you can do to stay focused, according to educational platform Zenius:

1. Make a priority scale

For things that are very urgent, such as assignments that will be submitted soon, of course they will be included in the highest priority so they need to be done at the beginning. 

And vice versa with things that are not too urgent, you can do them after the more urgent tasks have been completed. Setting priorities can be done in the morning, or the night before.

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(Silent mode on your cellphone allows you to focus more on your work. Photo: Illustration/

2. Don't be easily distracted

Try to identify the things that distract you and lose focus. For example, the sound of a cellphone notification that makes you tempted to open it, a noise that makes it difficult for you to focus, or circumstances such as the presence of other people around you. After that, try to avoid any distractions.

3. Create a comfortable situation

In addition to avoiding distraction, creating a comfortable situation can also support your performance to be more focused. You can arrange the room neatly, use comfortable tables and chairs, set a cool room temperature, and prepare drinks and snacks to make it more comfortable to linger on tasks.

4. Take time to rest

When the body and mind are getting tired, don't push yourself too much. Take time off so that energy and enthusiasm can be replenished, so that the tasks that need to be done can be completed optimally.

5. Make focus a lifestyle

It's okay to do less important things, as long as you know your limits. Do not let time and energy be wasted on activities that are less useful in the future. By training yourself to be disciplined in carrying out all obligations and good at managing time, over time you will also get used to living your daily life with focus.  

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