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4 Couple Codes Ready to Marry You

4 Couple Codes Ready to Marry You

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Jakarta: When you are in a relationship with someone, you may wonder when your partner will ask you to marry. Subconsciously, they may have given some signs that indirectly want to show that they also want to have a more serious relationship with you.

Quoted from Elite Daily , here are some signs that your partner actually wants to get married too:

1. They often mention 'us' when talking about the future

If your partner mentions 'we' often enough when talking about the future with you, it could be a sign that they too want to get married. The code shows that they already feel they have a match with you. They may also have envisioned their future life that they would like to spend with you.

2. They ask for your dream place to live

If your partner has asked your opinion about important plans in their life such as building a house, it can be a good sign for the relationship with your partner. It could be that your partner is also thinking about what you like and combines it with your likes to think about the next step.

3. Talking about the child's name with you

Talks about children can be done in a serious or casual conversation. And this means they show that your partner has a future desire to be able to live with you. Talking about a child's name or having a child is impossible with someone you don't trust.

4. Introducing his family

By introducing you to all his family members it shows that you are someone who is very important in your partner's life. And he wants all his family members to know you. And it also shows that they want you to be a part of their family someday.

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