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Restaurant Management Application Source Code

Restaurant Management Application Source Code

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Source Code Restaurant Management Application – The restaurant management information system that we share this time is a system developed with the MVC concept. MVC is one of the architectural concepts in designing web-based applications that divides web applications into 3 main components. Where each section has its own duties and responsibilities. The three parts are: model , view and controller . This restaurant management application is expected to be useful for your restaurant business operations.
The features that exist in this restaurant management information system:
  • Restaurant Activity Monitoring
  • Sistem Delivery Order
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Desk Management
  • Operator Management (cashier, waiters, kitchen) & Shift Employees
  • Payment Management
  • Raw Material Management
  • Promo & Discount Management
  • Restaurant Book Management
  • Email & Whatsapp Order Notifications ( WooWa API )
  • Setting Front End Customer Page
Preparation for the installation of the restaurant management application source code
  1. Make sure you have downloaded the release version of this application.
  2. Configure the server path in the engine/rule/base.php file .
  3. Configure the database in the engine/rule/database.php file
  4. For databases, please go to the path-to-app/dbMigrate page . But make sure the server path & database configuration settings are correct.
  5. For receipt printing printers, the recommended type is (Epson TM-T82, Thermal Printer GP-5890XIII, Epson T-88IIIP, MiniPOS MP-RP58L), or another type that supports the escopos sdk.
  6. For notifications to the customer's whatsapp, we integrate it into the woowa service, please subscribe to get the key & activate in this application.
  7. Configure restaurant settings before using this app.
  8. To activate delivery orders, you need a firebase service, please create a firebase account & settings in the application menu.
Restaurant Management Application Specifications
  • Front End : HTML, Bootstrap
  • Backend : Uinsu Web Framework – Base MVC (Web Programming Unpas)
  • Javascript : Vue JS, Native Javascript, & Jquery
  • Bootstrap Theme By Stisla
  • Cloud Serverless & Realtime Event : Firebase
Use of the Library
  • Axios (Resfull API Client)
  • Domp PDF (Report for PDF document)
  • PHP Mailer (Mail sender)
  • Socket Io
  • Google Chart

Here's a screenshot of a web-based restaurant management application

Restaurant Management Application Source Code
Restaurant management information system source code

Restaurant management app admin dashboard

Dashboard admin detail pesanan

Please download the web-based restaurant management application source code for free via the button below

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Development Team
  • Hasnah Nur Ardita : Project Manager & Front End Development
  • Aditia Darma Nst : Backend Development
  • Muhammad Rizky : Microservice

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