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Survey: After Marriage, The Majority Of Couples Want To Have Children

Survey: After Marriage, The Majority Of Couples Want To Have Children

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After getting married , couples are faced with a question: Do you want to have children immediately or do you still want to be alone? Both options need to be based on careful consideration and certainly not without challenges.

Based on a survey compiled by Teman Bumil and Populix of 1,014 mothers in Indonesia, as many as 89% of participants admitted that they immediately decided to have children after marriage. While the rest, namely 11%, chose to postpone having children.

According to dr. Yassin Yanuar MIB, SpOG-KFER, MSc., the decision to immediately have children or want to postpone it completely is the choice and responsibility of each partner.

"Everyone has different needs, based on what is best for their families. It is part of family planning and reproductive health planning," he said in a written statement received by

The chances of getting pregnant in the first year are quite high

Generally, newly married couples have an 85% chance of getting pregnant naturally in the first year. That is as long as sexual intercourse is done regularly (2-4 times per week), do not use contraception, and there are no certain conditions.

"The highest chance of pregnancy in the first three months, namely the first 50 naturally, and the first six months, 75 percent will get pregnant naturally," said dr. Yassin.

Both husband and wife must also be in good health to increase the chances of pregnancy naturally. That is why it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay away from behaviors that can reduce or interfere with reproductive health.

Cycling for too long or more than 5 hours per week, and frequent hot baths or saunas, are some of the things that can reduce the success of the pregnancy program. There are also certain jobs that turn out to be risky for the production of spermatogenesis (the process of forming sperm cells in the male testes).

For example, working in hot places, wearing tight and hot workwear properties, while working on large machines, or working as a chef working near hot cookware every day.

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