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Source Code WhatsApp Gateway (WA Blast)

Source Code WhatsApp Gateway (WA Blast)

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Source Code WhatsApp Gateway (WA Blast) – WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without being charged, because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data package for email, web browsing, and others.

Currently WhatsApp Messenger has been downloaded and used by more than 5 billion users, with so many active users of course we must prioritize this service as our business communication platform with customers. With the Chat API you can programmatically receive and send Whatsapp messages using simple HTTP requests. This makes it easy for you to integrate WhatsApp with any marketing or business platform such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Autoresponder, CRM, ERP, etc.

For this reason, we provide the full source code along with the database for the WhatsApp Gateway, which we call WA Blast. WA Blast is a whatsapp gateway application that can be integrated with other applications by utilizing an API that is already available so you can send messages via the API and even create your own autoreply feature.

The following features are in the WhatsApp gateway source code:

  • WhatsApp Web
    Makes it easy for your business customer service to open one whatsapp web number together to reply to all messages that come from your best customers. This feature was created because the latest version of WhatsApp policy only allows opening one active window for one WhatsApp web even though your business uses one number with more than one agent/customer service.
  • Autoreply A
    feature that allows you to create your own autoreply automatically based on the rules you have set. So if your customer sends a message according to the rule, your WhatsApp number will automatically reply with the text that has been set as well.
  • Data Number
    Contains your customer number master data. This data can be imported from excel format and can also be exported into excel format so that it can be processed further.
  • Bulk Send A
    feature that allows you to send messages in bulk and continuously to several of your customer numbers. This mass messaging feature also includes a scheduling feature so you can set when the message will be sent or even set it to be sent every month.
  • Send Manual
    In addition to sending messages automatically and in bulk, here you can also send individual messages to a single subscriber number. The display in the Send Manual is only a form, for interactive display, use the WhatsApp Web feature.
    REST API is the main feature of this web-based whatsapp gateway application that allows you to integrate your business application with whatsapp gateway as a communication bridge to send messages and notifications to your customers via HTTP-based requests.
  • Settings
    And the last is application settings including user management and whatsapp gateway management.

The source code for the WA Gateway application was created using the PHP programming language for application management and NodeJS for communication with the WhatsApp server. So it takes a shared hosting that supports NodeJS to install it.

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We also provide a whmcs module for whatsapp notifications

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