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Source Code Website Tour & Travel

Source Code Website Tour & Travel

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Source Code Website Tour & Travel – One of the media for marketing and branding information that can be used for tour and travel service companies that are still developing. This web-based tour and travel booking is designed using the PHP programming language and MySQL database . PHP is a server side scripting programming language which means that the program code execution process is carried out on the server side not on the client side, the PHP language itself is very popularly used in designing dynamic websites.

Nowadays, tourist information is a necessity for many people. Tourism activities seem inseparable to fill free time on weekends and long holidays. So, in relation to that, we provide the source code of a tour and travel profile web application that can be used as the right service platform to find information on interesting tour packages.

Information services related to selected tour packages can be accessed through a tour and travel profile web. This application is intended to facilitate access to information to users quickly and precisely via the internet. The existence of this application can certainly make it easier for consumers and also tourism service providers in providing information to users.

The following is the latest update of this application:

  1. Added contributor level module access rights on the administrator page.
  2. Addition of logos and social networks that can be updated through the administrator page.
  3. Full dynamic for every change update on the home page.
  4. Added category details and tag details on news.
  5. Added video playlist page, playlist details and video play on client and administrator pages.
  6. Fixed error page bug.
  7. And so on

Screenshot of the web-based tour and travel source code

Source code website tour dan travel

web-based tour and travel source code

Source code website tour & travel

Please be able to make a purchase to get the source code of a web-based tour & travel website via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code, please visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.


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