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Source Code Website Toko Online

Source Code Website Toko Online

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Source Code for Online Store Websites – In today's digital era, online stores have become a kind of obligation for sellers. Building an online store system for needs with complex formats is indeed easier with application source code such as php. PHP source code supports to develop formats such as transactions, formats for goods, management, and so on.

Along with the development of the internet and the increase in internet users, customers or potential customers are more likely to like shopping online than conventionally. This is because customers can search for the goods they want to buy only through laptops or cellphones without having to leave the house. Especially during a pandemic like now.

Supported by couriers who are currently improving their performance and speeding up their services in terms of price and technical services. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of sellers or sellers who start selling through internet media, social media, and marketplace platforms such as Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

Based on this, we provide a solution for those of you who don't understand how to create an online store platform for your business. Our solution is in the form of an online store / e-commerce website source code that you can directly use to manage your business sales online via the internet. The platform that we created with the codeigniter framework uses the PHP programming language and MySQL database that you can install on any hosting service.

Here are the features we offer on this platform
  • Membership System
    With this feature, visitors can create an account on the online store website.
  • Unlimited Pages
    You can create many new pages that you can use to provide information about your online store.
  • 1 (one) responsive
    template There is one template that is responsive and can be accessed via smartphones.
  • Shopping Cart
    Allows customers to shop for many products at once through the website.
  • Shipping Fees (RajaOngkir)
    There is a store courier delivery scheme, pick up at the store, and courier service providers such as JNE, TIKI, POS, and so on with a real-time system .
  • Multi Pricing
    Reseller system that allows product pricing up to 4 levels.
  • Automatic Payments
    This platform uses third party services, namely iPaymu and Midtrans with payment methods Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, QRIS, Outlets (Indomart and Alfamart) and others that allow payment processes to be carried out automatically.
  • WhatsApp Checkout
    Allows customers to make purchases via WhatsApp if the customer does not want to purchase via the website.
  • Unlimited Products
    You can add unlimited products.
  • Unlimited Product Categories Product
    management is more organized by product category.
  • Discounted Products
    You can provide a discount for each individual product that you have added.
  • Product Search
    Make it easy for customers to search for products through the search box.
  • Product Pre-order / Available Products with Product Stock per variation
    You can provide pre-order products or available products based on stock for each variation.
  • Product Reviews/Ratings
    Buyers can provide reviews of products that have been successfully purchased before. So that other potential buyers can find out the buyer's experience on the quality of the product.
  • Banner / Banner Ads
    or advertisements that will appear on the homepage that can provide information about hot products .
  • Product Slides Product
    image slides that will be displayed on the product detail page. So that customers can see the specific details of product photos.
  • Articles / Blogs
    You can also create articles about attracting organic visitors on Google.
  • Responsive Administrator Administrator
    page can be accessed through various devices without destroying the user interface .
    The WYSIWYG ( what you see what you get ) feature makes it easy for you to create your website content.
  • Email Notification
    Easily provide information about platform usage activities via email.
  • WhatsApp Gateway
    Integrated with third party whatsapp gateway providers namely WooWa and Wablas.
  • REST API Available
    A system is already in place to provide data so that it can be consumed for android and iOS based application development.
  • And other features that are no less important.
User Type
  • User (Normal Buyer)
  • Reseller (4 Level Price)
  • Administrator (Manager)
  • Owner
Source Code Specifications

Screenshot of the online store website

Source code website toko online

Source code website ecommerce

Web-based e-commerce source code

Product sales report

Please be able to make a purchase to get the web and android-based online store bundle source code package via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code, please visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.

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