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Source Code Website Invitation Online

Source Code Website Invitation Online

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Source Code Online Invitation Website – Digital invitations are mandatory when you and your partner want to get married during the transition to the new normal . You and your partner will find it easier to distribute invitations online without the need to deliver them to potential invited guests so that there is no physical contact. In addition, digital invitations are also more cost-effective and do not need to use a lot of paper which will later be wasted.

Digital invitations are also more practical, easy, and fast, so there is no need to wait weeks like manual invitations in a printing press. You also don't have to worry about writing errors in the design, because with a digital invitation, the content can be edited as you like. During a pandemic like this, of course, the invitation printing business experienced a decline in sales due to government regulations that required people to keep their distance and reduce physical contact between people. So many couples want to get married using online invitations.

But calm down! Now we have provided the source code of a digital invitation website that can be accessed online which can be made yourself using only applications or websites available on the internet. Your customers simply subscribe to your digital invitation website and edit the content they want themselves. So, you just shut up and enjoy the results of passive income generated from this business.

Technically, this web-based online invitation / wedding invitation information system is designed and developed using the PHP programming language and MySQL database. The framework that helps us in building this information system so that it can be completed quickly and precisely is the CodeIgniter 4 Framework . In terms of appearance, we use the bootstrap css framework version 4 which of course has been popularly used in designing web-based application interfaces.

Here are some of the features available in this web-based digital invitation

  • Landing Page
  • Administrator Page
  • Member Page
  • 8 Cool Invitation Templates
  • Pricing
  • And other features

As well as some of the content that can be provided in the invitation including:

  • Cover Page
  • Bride and Groom Information
  • Event Information
  • Gallery Foto
  • Video
  • Story
  • Background music
  • Speech and Prayer
  • Wedding Location (Google Maps)
  • And the Greet Screen for guests

Some views of the online invitation website

Source code of online invitation website

Web-based digital invitation source code

Web-based online invitation source code

Please make a purchase to get the source code of the online / digital invitation website via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code, please click visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.


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