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Source Code of School Attendance Application

Source Code of School Attendance Application

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Source Code for School Attendance Applications – The development of information and communication technology is currently accelerating. The rapid development of information and communication technology has affected all aspects of life, including in the field of education. Without information and communication technology, educational institutions can be said to be insufficient to support the teaching and learning process and good administration. With the information and communication technology is expected to provide convenience to obtain information quickly and accurately.

Success in an organization or agency cannot be separated from the discipline of all existing stakeholders . In disciplined schools, the presence of students is the most important thing for the success of teaching and learning activities. Many schools still use manual student attendance lists. Student attendance is carried out by each class, picket officers and Counseling Guidance (BK) teachers. Attendance is carried out by the class by writing in the attendance book every day.

Attendance is carried out by the BK teacher by means of each class representing one child to write the absence in the BK room then the BK teacher recaps in the BK teacher's absence book. While the attendance carried out by the picket officer, the school picket officer went around the class to pick up the attendance paper that had been filled in by the class picket officer, then the school picket officer recapitulated all student attendance data into the student attendance book at the picket desk, the picket officer also recorded students who were late for entry. to school by means of students who are late to write on the paper provided by the school then the picket officer writes down the violation book. The accumulated tardiness and absenteeism of students are also calculated manually.

Parents are a part of every student's success. The most important information for parents related to learning activities at school such as grade information, exam schedules, student attendance or others is usually obtained when the school has announced it, and this information can be obtained only at school. This means that it will be difficult for parents of students to obtain the desired information at any time and anywhere. Another problem found is the difficulty of parents of students to know in detail how their children's behavior while at school, especially their child's absence.

Therefore, we build information technology-based solutions that are packaged in a web-based application source code. Web-based school attendance application designed specifically to assist schools in managing the attendance of students, teachers, and school staff. Equipped with notifications sent to parents' telegrams as a medium of communication between schools and parents, where schools involve parents' participation in monitoring their children comprehensively, integrally, and optimally.

Here are the access rights that can be done by Admin
  1. Home
  2. Manage teacher data (CRUD)
  3. Import data guru (csv, ods, xlsx)
  4. Manage class data/absence scheduling (CRUD)
  5. Manage student data (CRUD)
  6. Import data siswa (csv, ods, xlsx)
  7. Monitoring absent data monthly, per class (overall)
  8. Absence data recap per month, per class (xls)
  9. System settings
  10. Setelan telegram (chat id group, token bot)
  11. MAPS API Settings
  12. Change username dan password login admin
Access rights that can be exercised by the Master
  1. Home
  2. Manage class data/absence scheduling (CRUD)
  3. Manage student data (CRUD)
  4. Import data siswa (csv, ods, xlsx)
  5. Export student data (xls)
  6. Manage announcements per class (CRUD)
  7. Monitoring absent data per month
  8. View student attendance data (coordinates/locations, student photos)
  9. Absence data recap per month, per class (xls)
  10. Teacher account settings
Access rights that can be done by students
  1. Absent entry and return
  2. Track student coordinates when absent
  3. Access camera/webcam when absent
  4. Notifications to the telegram group when absent
  5. Notification to parent (student) bot when absent
  6. View announcements
  7. Respond to/comment on announcements
  8. View timetable
  9. Monitoring absent data per month
  10. Edit student profile
Access rights that can be done by parents
  1. View their child's absence data (coordinates/locations, student photos).

Here's a screenshot of the school attendance application

Web-based School Attendance Application Source Code

Dashboard Admin

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Please make a purchase to get the source code for a web-based school attendance application made with the PHP and MySQL programming languages via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code , please visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.


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