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Pleret-style Ice Gempol Recipe, Delicious and Fresh

Pleret-style Ice Gempol Recipe, Delicious and Fresh

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Never been to Pleret? Don't be sad because you can try to enjoy the culinary first, namely Es Gempol, typical of Pleret. 

Quoted from Indonesia Rich written by Ahmad Sirojuddin, es gempol pleret is made from the main ingredient of finely ground rice. After it becomes rice flour, then stir it with a little water so that it becomes a dough. 

After becoming a dough, then for gempol it is formed into a round while the pleret is formed flat and pink. These two different forms of dough then become a drink which is named gempol pleret. 

This gempol pleret dish is even more delicious with a mixture of ingredients such as syrup, coconut milk and ice. ENDEUSiast interested in making your own at home? Let's cheat A fresh recipe for ice gempol from Pleret, Central Java from Endeus TV for an afternoon snack.

Ice Gempol Ingredients:

150 gr rice flour
tsp salt
? tsp vanilla powder
225 ml boiling water
30 g sago flour
2 drops red dye

Coconut milk gravy:

1 Lt coconut milk is
150 gr granulated sugar
3 pandan leaves
¼ tsp salt

How to make ice cubes:

1. Mix well the rice flour, salt, and vanilla powder. Pour boiling water. Stir well. Add sago flour. Knead until smooth
2. Divide the dough into 2 parts. One part add red coloring, the rest leave it white
3. Take a little white dough. Round shape. Set aside
4. Take a little pink dough. Round shape. Place on a flat board, press the sides to length (pleret)
5. Boil all the dough in boiling water until it floats. Drain
6. Coconut milk: Boil coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves, and salt in a saucepan over low heat, stirring until it boils. Remove and cool
7. Serve gempol with coconut milk and ice cubes

Tips:Forming a lumpy dough is quite easy, press the dough with your thumb while sliding it until the dough is elongated.

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