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Not Always Bad, Gadgets in Children Can Also Have a Positive Impact

Not Always Bad, Gadgets in Children Can Also Have a Positive Impact

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Many parents are worried about their children's habit of using gadgets . Excessive use of gadgets in children can indeed have an impact on various aspects of their lives.

However, that does not mean the use of gadgets is also not allowed at all. According to Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8, using technology appropriately allows children to take control of the medium. The results of their experiences include exploring the functions of these technologies and imagining how to use them in life.

Here are the benefits that children can get from using smartphones:

1. Train children's motor skills

Motor skills are skills related to the small movements of the fingers, wrists, and others. Using the keyboard and keypad on a smartphone is a good move for children with minimal risk. Children will also be able to use their hands and fingers in a short time.

2. Improve children's cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are the ability to process information, think and remember and relate one thing to another. Interactive games and applications that can be accessed via smartphones can help improve children's cognitive skills, especially if the games they play are puzzle or drawing games.

3. Competition

Children definitely love to play games. If directed properly, then playing games can give them the ability to compete with sportsmanship. This will also be especially useful for children in facing future challenges.

4. Education

Technology has helped a lot in the education process of children. By using a smartphone, children can access educational sites on the internet and find many useful research materials. Visual presentations, educational videos, interactive programs, study tutorials, and a wide variety of books can be found all the time on the internet.

For the past year too the children have been studying at school virtually with their teachers and friends. When children use gadgets such as smartphones, parents play a role in supervising and ensuring that smartphones can provide more benefits.

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