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Naysila Mirdad shares 4 Tips to Strengthen Relationships with Mother

Naysila Mirdad shares 4 Tips to Strengthen Relationships with Mother

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Talking about a celebrity who is close to his mother , the name Naysila Mirdad cannot be missed. How not, even though her parents are no longer together, Naysila, who is the third daughter of the celebrity couple Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou, still keeps them together.

Naysila is also very close to her mother and often shares photos together on social media. Having a close relationship with mothers like Naysila Mirdad and Lydia Kandou is certainly the dream of many people.

Coinciding with Mother's Day, Naysila Mirdad shared 4 tips for bonding with mothers for millennials:

1. Start with a hug

One of the easy things you can do to bond with your mother is to give her a hug to show your affection.

"When I'm together, I always take the time to hug Mama. Mama also always took the time to hug me, especially if she felt I was about to start something important like work and others. In my opinion, simple things like this are very important to strengthen the relationship with Mother," said Naysila.

2. Make time for bonding time

Bonding time between the child and mother turned out to be important to strengthen the relationship between the two. No need to bother, this bonding time can be done with simple things, such as going out to eat together, hanging out together, cooking together, shopping, and going on vacation together.

"For those of you who have pets, inviting your mother to play with them can also be a simple bonding moment, you know ," said Naysila.

3. Make friends to tell stories

For millennials , friends or girlfriends may be a place to tell stories or ask for advice. Apart from them, you can also discuss with your mother and ask for advice on certain topics. Simple topics such as clothes and hairstyles that are good for you to choosing a gift can be fun topics.

You can also discuss your work with your mother. These things will make your mother feel valued and your relationship with her closer.

"When I'm alone, because my mom and I happen to be in the same profession, I often ask for input about acting," said Naysila.

4. Give gifts

No need to be grandiose, simple gifts such as food, health supplements, beauty products, fashion products, can be an option to bond with your mother. In order to stay frugal, Naysila Mirdad admits that she often takes advantage of various promos in various e-commerce sites to give gifts to her mother.

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