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LinkMagz vs VioMagz Review, Which Template is Better?

LinkMagz vs VioMagz Review, Which Template is Better?

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After two years, Mas Sugeng finally released a new Blogger template called Linkmagz. When compared to the previous template, which one is better, Viomagz or Linkmagz? So that you know the answer, take a look at this linkmagz review first!

Having a cool blog display is definitely the dream of every Blogger blog owner. Fortunately, now quality Blogger templates are quite easy to find. Not only makes the blog look more beautiful, these templates also make it easier for us to build a Blogger blog .

So, when it comes to the best Blogger templates, it's not wrong to mention Viomagz as one of these templates. This template made by Mas Sugeng is indeed quite phenomenal. It's so in demand, download links for pirated versions to redesign versions are so easy to find everywhere.

Viomagz's own success is not without reason. Besides being filled with many cool features, this template can also increase the loading speed of your Blogger blog .

Do not believe? Try checking the Viomagz review that I made. Just by changing my old Blogger template to Viomagz, my blog loading immediately went far. Wow, I don't regret buying directly from Mas Sugeng.

Success with Viomagz, now Mas Sugeng has released a new template called Linkmagz. Are you curious what are the differences with Viomagz? Then when compared, which one is better, Viomagz or Linkmagz? So, if you're curious, take a look at the following Linkmagz review!

1. Differences in the Display of Linkmagz and Viomagz

Since they are made by the same developer, Linkmagz and Viomagz have a similar 'vibe'. Both of them look modern minimalist following the trend of websites in general. The combination of fonts, color selection, and good layout make the content on Linkmagz and Viomagz easy for visitors to read.

Even so, the two still have striking differences, as you can see in the following screenshot.

At a glance, you can see that Linkmagz displays posts in a grid. This means that there are two posts in a row. Unlike Viomagz, which displays posts in the form of a list, only one post per line.

In addition, you can also see the top bar on Linkmagz. You can fill this top bar with a menu even though by default it is used to display our social media accounts.

In addition to these two elements, you can see the differences in the appearance of Linkmagz and Viomagz in the following points:

1a. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that changes the color scheme to a darker one. This dark mode recently became a trend when many popular applications started using it, such as the dark mode on Whatsapp and Facebook.

With this dark mode, visitors can easily change the color scheme of our blog to dark so that it remains comfortable when reading in places with minimal lighting. The method is quite easy, just by pressing one button.

It's easy to activate the Dark Mode feature on Linkmagz
It's easy to activate the Dark Mode feature on Linkmagz

Interestingly, this dark mode option will be saved in the visitor's browser. So when they visit again, the website will automatically appear in dark mode

1b. Product and Service Special Posts

If you create a blog and sell products/services on your blog, then Linkmagz can be the right choice.

In Linkmagz there is a feature where you can display posts like a product on an e-commerce site. Just use the label 'products/products' or 'services', then the post will look like the example below.

Product/service page display on the Linkmagz template
Product/service page display on the Linkmagz template

One thing that is quite interesting, you can display the order button via Whatsapp to post these products and services. Not bad, visitors can immediately take action and contact you if they are interested in the products/services you offer.

1c. Sponsored Posts Khusus

If you often receive content placement offers, Linkmagz provides a special feature so you can display it differently than your usual posts.

Simply by labeling 'advertorial', 'advertisement', or 'sponsor', posts that you label will automatically hide the author's name and the comment field on the post.

2. Differences in Ease of Use of Linkmagz and Viomagz

Learning from the previous Blogger template, this time, Mas Sugeng really wants to pamper his template users, especially for those who are new to coding. Some of the new features added so that Linkmagz users can use this template easily include,

2a. 100% Template Settings from Blogger Layout Menu

One of the shortcomings of the Viomagz template so far is the navigation menu settings which still have to be done manually by editing the HTML code of the template. In addition, some features must also be activated or deactivated in the same way.

For some bloggers this is not a big problem. But for those who are new to coding, this is a difficult job.

That's why, now Mas Sugeng makes this easy so that we can change all menus (headers, social media icons, navigation menus) and Linkmagz features directly from the Blogger Layout menu.

The Linkmagz feature can be activated from the Blogger Layout menu
The Linkmagz feature can be activated from the Blogger Layout menu

2b. Easily Change Header, Menu and Content Width

Different bloggers, different design tastes. In Viomagz, there are many customization menus that you can tamper with so that the appearance of the blog can be according to your wishes. In Linkmagz, the customization menu is increasing where you can adjust the dimensions of several website elements such as header height, navigation menu height, and template width using only the slider.

3. Differences Pagespeed Test Linkmagz and Viomagz

Making a Linkmagz review doesn't feel complete if we haven't tested the loading speed.

Just like other Blogger templates made by Mas Sugeng, Linkmagz is also made to have a good loading speed. Mas Sugeng even claimed that this template managed to beat the previous templates.

So is this claim true?

On a whim I tried it myself with one of the Blogger blogs that I have. In this experiment, I just changed the template without changing anything else. The widgets used are only standard widgets such as About Me, Popular Posts, and Labels. So how do the two perform?

Using Google Page Speed ​​Insight, here are the test results I got

Hasil speed test desktop Viomagz
Hasil speed test desktop Viomagz
Hasil speed test desktop Linkmagz
Hasil speed test desktop Linkmagz

As for the mobile version, here are the results I got,

Hasil speed test mobile Viomagz
Hasil speed test mobile Viomagz
Hasil speed test mobile Linkmagz
Hasil speed test mobile Linkmagz

Incredibly, it turns out that Linkmagz's loading speed is indeed better than Viomagz which is actually very good. Don't be surprised if you see Linkmagz's line of code which is only half Viomagz, even though Linkmagz is already filled with many additional features. I can only give a thumbs up for Mas Sugeng's efforts in optimizing this new template.

Conclusion of Linkmagz vs Viomagz Review, Which is Better?

With the same price, of course you want to choose the best template for your Blogger blog, right?

From the Linkmagz review above, we can see that Mas Sugeng's new template has many advantages over its predecessor. Starting from the many new features, the ease of modifying the appearance, to the superior speed. With these advantages, it seems Linkmagz will be a serious challenger to Viomagz as the best Blogger template.

Viomagz itself is not a bad template. With a list-shaped post display and a sticky widget feature that is not available in LinkMagz, this template could be more suitable for your blog.

Then where can I buy Linkmagz templates?

As usual, you can get Mas Sugeng's template on the official website, , or via the BUY button below.

For every purchase of templates on the official website, you will get updates forever and direct support from Mas Sugeng. Not only that, this template is also free for you to use for multiple domains at once. Guaranteed, the price of IDR 245,000 can be the best investment for your Blogger blog.

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