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How to Delete a Blog on Blogger (Blogspot) Permanently

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger (Blogspot) Permanently

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Blogger is a service owned by Google that can be used to create a free blog. But if for one reason or another you no longer want to take care of your blog, there is a way to permanently delete a blog on Blogger.

Before deleting a blog on blogspot, you should know that a deleted blog will not disappear immediately. So there is a way if you want to return it at any time. But if you want to permanently delete a blog on blogspot, then the blog will immediately disappear forever without being able to be returned again.

Backup Blogger Blog Before Permanently Deleted!

Even though the blog is no longer maintained and immediately deleted, the content in it may still have valuable value, especially if there is content that has perched on the first page of Google.

So even if you delete your Blogspot account, the content that was on the blog can be reused later if you want to start a blog again.

To do this, you can see a tutorial on how to backup Blogger from Not only content backup, you can also backup Blogger templates.

In short, the Blogger backup process can be done as follows:

  • Login to Blogger dashboard
  • Enter the SETTINGS menu MORE
  • In the CONTENT (PAGE, POS & COMMENTS) section, click the BACK UP CONTENT button
  • A popup will appear, click the SAVE TO COMPUTER button
  • Backup will be saved in XML format

If you have already made a Blogspot backup, it's time to permanently delete the blog on Blogger

How to Delete Blogspot Account

There are two ways to delete a blog. FIRST , we can delete the blog temporarily. SECOND , we can delete the Blogspot account permanently. And to do both, you must serve as Administrator. So if you manage a blog with other people and only become an Author, then you can't delete your Blogspot account.

1. How to Delete a Blog on Blogger

  • Login to Blogger dashboard
  • Select the blog to be deleted
  • Select menu SETTINGS MORE
  • In the DELETE YOUR BLOG section, click the DELETE BLOG button
How to delete a Blogspot account
  • There is a popup containing a suggestion to do a backup. If so, click the DELETE THIS BLOG button.
confirmation popup when deleting Blogspot account

2. How to Permanently Delete a Blog on Blogger

Blogs that have been deleted will not disappear immediately. There is a grace period of 90 days until the blog is permanently deleted and cannot be claimed again. The method?

  • Login to Blogger dashboard
  • When selecting a blog, you can see a list of DELETED BLOGS
list of deleted blogger blogs
  • If you click on the blog, there will be two options. DELETE PERMANENTLY to permanently delete blogspot, or UNDERSTAND DELETION to restore a blog that has been deleted.
how to permanently delete a blog on Blogger

As additional information, Blogger blog domain names that are permanently deleted will not be able to be registered again. So think about it before deleting blogspot permanently!

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