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How to Create a Cheap Website with Your Own Domain Name from IDWebhost

How to Create a Cheap Website with Your Own Domain Name from IDWebhost

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Creating a website with your own domain name doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. Simply take advantage of free hosting from Blogger and buy a domain name, you can have a cool website easily.

If you are reading this article, you probably already know the benefits of having a website and now want to have your own website. But you may be confused now because in some tutorials the price of making a website is quite expensive.

Eits, don't be discouraged the first day, there's a way to make a website with a minimal budget but with maximum results!

To start creating a cool website, there are some important things that you have to pay for a certain value, for example hosting, domain names, themes/templates, and other addons to add functions or features to your site. So what if we don't have a big budget?

Of course there must be a sacrifice!

But what do you think should be sacrificed without making the site slow and look fake?

One thing is for sure, you can save quite a lot by creating your own website. For how not to worry, I made this tutorial as simple as possible. God willing, even those of you who have never made a website will be able to easily create one when this tutorial is finished.

Back to the issue of price, the two main components you need to create a website are hosting and a domain name . Hosting can be likened to a home where we store the files that our website needs while a domain name functions like a home address so that visitors can find the location of our website easily.

However, compared to domain names, hosting requires a much larger budget. The bigger your site will be, the hosting needs will also increase and the more expensive the price you will have to pay. But for starters this is not a big problem.

To reduce hosting costs, we can try free blogging platforms like or Both have many advantages that will be very suitable, even very good for beginners. Besides being free, the and Blogger servers also offer stability and a very high level of security for our website later.

One disadvantage of a free blogging platform like this is that your site name will look generic  with or frills . At first glance the domain name of your blog or website will sound similar to millions of other sites.

This is where the role of the domain name will be very useful to make your site look different from other sites even though both use free hosting from Blogger or

In Indonesia, I think using free hosting + your own domain name is a very popular trend. For free hosting itself, I see that most use Blogger compared to It's natural because to be able to use your own domain name on we have to upgrade our hosting package first, and it's paid. In addition, to be able to monetize a WordPress blog, we have to upgrade the hosting package again at a higher cost, and even then it is limited without being able to be registered with Google Adsense.

Is free Blogger hosting + domain name enough to create a cool and professional website?

Of course, because your site is backed up by a good server and accessed with a unique domain name. Some bloggers who use this method of making a cheap website can even make me quite confused until I see a typical Blogger comment column in one of their articles.

Blogger blog comment box (Blogspot)
Example of a typical Blogger blog comment field (Blogspot)

How to Create a Blogger Blog with Your Own Domain Name

Okay, now that you have the big picture on how to make a cheap website, it's time to make a cool website. In this tutorial, I will create a website with Blogger (no need for special hosting to make it cheaper) and your own domain name (so that the website looks bona fide) .

So there are two things we need to make a cheap website,

  1. Blogger Blog
  2. Domain Name

To create a Blogger blog, you can see the tutorial on how to create a free blog that I created earlier. It's very easy anyway'. You only need 1 Google account, you can create up to 100 Blogger blogs.

So what about the domain name problem?

For this one, there are many registrar that you can choose. Some hosting providers generally already provide domain name purchase services, but I myself prefer those that are ICANN accredited. In addition to getting a guarantee for a domain name, the prices that are generally offered are generally cheaper than other registrar's.

Where Can You Buy a Domain Name?

One registrar you can trust is IDWEBHOST. In addition to meeting the above requirements, the price is also very competitive and provides many domain names with various TLDs ranging from .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .XYZ, .ID, .SHOP, and many others.

Not only cheap, there are many features that you get from IDWEBHOST for every domain name purchase, including:

  • Email Forwarding  – You can receive emails with any and be directed to your own email address.
  • DNS Security - Dual protection for DNS and ensuring there are no DNS attacks on your domain name.
  • Theft Protection – Protects domain names from theft.
  • Domain Lock – Locks the domain name and ensures that the domain data cannot be changed.
  • Managed DNS – Set the IP address of your domain and point it to the server you want. 
  • Domain Secrets – You can get the key codes for each of your domains and can transfer your domains at any time. So the domain that you have purchased, is 100% yours!
  • Domain Forwarding – Directing the domain name to another of your sites.

How to Buy a Domain Name on IDWEBHOST

Wow, that's really easy! First of all, first go to the IDWEBHOST site . On the homepage you can see a field, fill in the domain name you want and then click the SEARCH button.

After that you will see several options, is the .COM version still available or not? or is the domain name in other TLD still available or not? Once you have selected your preferred extension, click the ORDER NOW button

IDWebhost will display the available domain name options.

On the next page, you will get the option to take a domain name with the TLD that you choose, complete with the price.

For personal use, try to choose a domain with a .COM extension. If you create a website for a certain brand, it's a good idea to take .NET as well to prevent this domain name from being used by others. When finished, don't forget to select the DOMAIN ONLY option because we will associate this domain name with the Blogger blog later.

Enable the DOMAIN ONLY option and choose a domain name with the TLD you want.

When you choose the domain name that you want to buy, there will be an option to purchase a domain contact protector. You can use this feature to hide the data on the domain name. This will be very useful to prevent data and contacts related to the domain name from scams and spam.

After that scroll down to the ACCOUNT AND BILLING INFORMATION section, fill in the form with your data. Don't forget to also choose the payment method you want.

Create a new IDWebhost account by filling out your personal data form.

Once that's done, it's time to pay the domain name bill. In the REVIEW OF YOUR SHOPPING CART section, you can see a list of purchases that you made. If the data is correct, check the box "I have read and agree and comply with the Terms of Service" then click the CHECKOUT button.

On the next page you will get a domain name bill. For the payment methods, there are Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, and Paypal options available.

Payment methods available on IDWebhost

For the Bank Transfer option, it covers almost all major banks in Indonesia, while for payments with Virtual Accounts it is limited to Bank Mandiri and Bank Permata only. I myself prefer the transfer option via Virtual Account because the response is much faster and can be done without having to bother with payment confirmations later.

For those of you who pay via bank transfer, don't forget to confirm by clicking the CONFIRM PAYMENT button above. You just need to fill out a short form and attach proof of the payment you made. The process itself is quite fast, in less than 10 minutes you already have the domain name you want.

How to Install a Custom Domain on Blogger (Blogspot)

I've explained in full how to install a custom domain on a Blogger blog . As a reminder, here are some steps you can use,

  1. Login to Blogger.
  2. Select the blog you want to update.
  3. On the left, click BASIC SETTINGS.
  4. On the PUBLICATION menu, click the “ +Set up a third party URL for your bloglink .
  5. Type in the URL of the domain you bought (don't forget to include 'www' in front of it) then click the SAVE button.
  6. After that you will see an error with 2 CNAME.
    • Name, Label, or Host : Enter the name as a subdomain, such as "blog." or “www.”. For purposes, enter ""
    • Goal, Target, or Leading to : These details are different for each person and are specific to your blog and Google Account.
How to install a custom domain on a Blogger blog (Blogspot)

After you get the CNAME record from Blogger, it's time to connect the Blogger blog with the domain name that we have.

First, login to the IDWEBHOST Member Area  then check the domain you have. After that select the domain name and select the CHANGE NAME SERVER menu.

Change the Name Server first before changing the DNS of the IDWebhost domain name.

After that, change your nameservers according to the domain you have. If you have just registered a .COM domain, use the following name servers,


For other extensions, you can see the list of name servers to manage DNS IDWEBHOST . If you are in doubt, you can ask directly via IDWEBHOST's live chat. When finished, click the CHANGE NAME SERVER button.

Change the Name Server according to your domain name on IDWebhost.

When finished changing the name server, go to the MANAGE DNS menu. There you can add new records according to the following conditions:

  1. Host Name  : Fill with the '@' symbol. Once saved this field will be automatically filled with your own domain name.
  2. Record Type  : Select A (Address)
  3. Address : To associate a domain name with Blogger, enter the following IP addresses one by one:
  4. Priority  : Empty.
How to create a new record on IDWebhost

After you finish entering all Google IPs, also enter the CNAME that we got earlier. Once done, your DNS table should look like this:

Complete DNS table for associating domain names with Blogger blogs (Blogspot)

Done, now you have succeeded in creating a cheap website with your own domain name. But be patient! the propagation process can take between 6-8 hours. Only after that you can access your Blogger blog with your own domain name.


This tutorial is finished. Simply create a Blogger blog and add a domain name, you can already create a cheap website with your own domain name. In this way, we only need to spend money for the domain name only. It's not bad to have a cool website with your own domain name at the price of a pack of warteg rice per month.

For the domain name itself, you can buy it at IDWebhost . In addition to being ICANN accredited, it is very cheap, has a large selection of TLDs, and is equipped with a variety of interesting features.

Not only domain names, IDWebhost also provides the best hosting at a very affordable price. To be able to taste WordPress, you can order hosting starting from Rp. 18,900 per month. Besides hosting, you also get 1 free domain name + SSL + Unlimited Bandwidth.

So if you want to create a website, what are you waiting for? Order your domain name or hosting now at IDWebhost ! Don't get ahead of others.

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