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Feeling Tired after Sex? This is the cause

Feeling Tired after Sex? This is the cause

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You may have experienced a situation where your body feels tired or even sleepy after having sex . Relax, you don't need to worry because there are many reasons people fall asleep. 

After sex, it's normal to feel tired, and that doesn't mean your partner isn't interested. There are some obvious reasons for that. Like the fact that sex is usually done at night after a hard day's work and it is a physically exhausting exercise. But there are also a variety of chemical and psychological reasons at play.

Reasons to feel tired after sex

"Whatever type of sex you do, even if it's not excessive sex, it's still a cardio workout. During sex, blood pressure and blood flow in the body will increase and there will be a release of endorphins," says sex therapist Dr Debra Laino.

According to sex therapist Dr Jane Greer, the feeling is the same as after exercising. And if you're not in good health or have a cardiovascular condition, sex can make you feel even more tired.

In addition, when having an orgasm the brain will release a mixture of neurochemicals in the nerves that make the body feel tired. During sex, the brain releases oxytocin which increases arousal and excitement. But when it's gone, Laino says, it can leave people feeling very tired.

"Oxytocin is often accompanied by melatonin, the main hormone that regulates your body clock. Oxytocin also helps the body regulate the stress hormone known as cortisol. The result is a calming effect, almost like taking narcotics," says sex therapist Dr Carlen Costa.

In addition to oxytocin, men and women release vasopressin, prolactin, serotonin, nitric oxide, and endorphins. Some of these chemicals will not be released unless you have an orgasm.

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