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Check out 5 Causes of the Refrigerator Not Cold That Makes Food Rot Fast!

Check out 5 Causes of the Refrigerator Not Cold That Makes Food Rot Fast!

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Faced with a refrigerator that is not cold, of course it will make you a little annoyed. When the refrigerator has this problem, the food in it will spoil quickly, even worse, it will spoil easily. To minimize this from happening, then you must know what causes the refrigerator not to cool

Causes of the Refrigerator Not Cold The
refrigerator is one of the most important electronic household appliances in the home. So when the refrigerator has problems, it will greatly interfere with household activities as well. Here are some causes of the refrigerator not cold that you must know. 

1. Freon Leak
One of the causes of a refrigerator not cooling that many people don't realize is because of a freon leak. A freon leak or if the freon has run out will make the gas that produces cold no longer work.

To check, you can hold the back of the refrigerator, the freon is near the refrigerator grill. If the freon is no longer warm, then you can be sure that the freon has run out and ask to be refilled. 

2.  Ice Flower is Too Thick
Furthermore, one of the causes of a refrigerator that doesn't get cold anymore is because there is too thick ice on the wall of the refrigerator freezer. This causes the closed part of the vent which has a function to cool the air in the refrigerator.

The way to deal with a refrigerator that is not cold and caused by frost is to leave the refrigerator open. Then if the ice is very thick then you can put a fan on so that the ice flowers melt. After all the ice that was frozen has melted, then clean the freezer with a cloth made of textile.

3.  Storing Hot Food Too Often
If you have a bad habit of storing hot food in the refrigerator, then this habit can make the refrigerator not cold. The reason is of course the hot temperature of the dominant food makes the refrigerator temperature drop.

Especially if you store too much hot food in the refrigerator. This bad habit if you do it continuously can make the refrigerator air not cold for a long time.

4.  Close to Hot Equipment
Not only hot food that must be kept away from the refrigerator. It turns out that if hot equipment is close to the refrigerator for a long time, it can affect the performance of the refrigerator.

Performance here means that the temperature of the refrigerator becomes less cold, it can even be really not cold. So if you experience a refrigerator that is not cold and are still confused about what causes it, maybe one of them is because your refrigerator is close to appliances that can generate heat.

5. Power Outlet Not Working
When you are still confused about the reason why the refrigerator is not cold, you can also check the socket. The socket is the source that supplies electricity to the refrigerator. Check whether this socket is still working properly or not. 

The trick is quite easy, namely unplug the refrigerator first. Then try another electronic device plugged into the socket where you plug the refrigerator. If it still works well, it means there is no problem with the power outlet. But when the socket doesn't work, that could be the thing that makes the refrigerator not cold. 

Those were some of the reasons why the refrigerator is not cold, which is generally experienced in the refrigerator in the household. The problem of a refrigerator that is not cold is one of the causes of disturbances experienced by household refrigerators. If you have an old refrigerator then more problems will occur. 

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