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Android-based Online Store Source Code

Android-based Online Store Source Code

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Source Code of Android-based Online Stores – Designing an Android- based online store system is not as easy as you might think, although there is information on the internet that states that you can easily create your own android application. In fact to make a professional application is not at all easy. Therefore we need to find an expert in that field.

For this reason, we provide an Android-based online store platform that can be used directly for your business. With the source code of an Android-based online store application, it certainly makes it easier for you to provide a mobile-based application platform for your business without the need to bother. If your background is not an IT expert and you don't understand how to create an Android-based online store, then just leave the technical problems to us.

The android application that we make is an application made using the popular hybrid programming language which is often called Ionic. Ionic is a framework aimed at building hybrid mobile  apps with HTML5, CSS and AngularJS. Ionic uses Node.js SASS, AngularJS as its engine. So the Ionic Framework is a web technology that can be used to create a mobile application. Because it is a hybrid , the application is only created once but can be released on more than 1 platform, aka cross-platform (Web, Android, and iOS).

The development of an android-based platform in various aspects of the industry helps increase business productivity. This makes business profits faster, especially with the large number of users using smartphones . The online store application for Android was created with the aim of providing convenience to consumers in shopping. As one of the mobile developers providing services for making applications based on Android and iOS, we can meet these needs.

The following features are available in the Android source code for online stores

  • Membership System
    With this feature, customers can create an account and log into the online store application.
  • OTP Verification (Email | WhatsApp)
    User authentication as a security system shopping on the application.
  • Shopping Cart
    Allows customers to shop for many products at once through an android-based application.
  • Calculation of Shipping Costs Automatically
    Accumulates the calculation of shipping costs according to the selected expedition service.
  • Automatic Payments
    This platform uses third party services, namely iPaymu and Midtrans with payment methods Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, QRIS, Outlets (Indomart and Alfamart) and others that allow payment processes to be carried out automatically.
  • And other features

Screenshot source code ecommerce berbasis android

Android-based online store source code

Source code ecommerce berbasis android

Please be able to make a purchase to get the web and android-based online store bundle source code package via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code, please visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.

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