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Android based Cashier Application Source Code

Android based Cashier Application Source Code

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Source Code Android-based Cashier / POS Application - The cashier application or what we usually call the point of sale / POS application is software used by stores to assist transactions like a cash register at a retail store but its function is more sophisticated than a cash register, cashier application used to record sales, record orders for goods, help calculate profit per item sold, purchase goods, calculate stock, and so on.

In this post, we provide the source code for a special cashier application that can be used on Android devices. This application is built and developed using the Flutter Framework. Flutter is an open source technology from Google that can be used to create cross-platform Android and iOS applications. One of the factors why this technology is preferred over similar technologies such as React Native to Xamarin is the ease of building applications that only use one codebase.

This is in accordance with Flutter's claims written on its official website . They mention that Flutter is a UI (user interface) tool for creating modern applications for mobile , web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter uses the Dart programming language which was developed by Google in 2011.

Here are some of the features that exist in this android-based cashier / postal application
  1. Goods Data Management
  2. Management Data Member (General and Reseller)
  3. Tiered Selling Price (3 Levels and Special Reseller Price)
  4. Tiered Item Unit (3 Levels)
  5. Multiple Barcode (1 Item can be more than 1 barcode)
  6. Scan Barcode with HP Camera.
  7. Using SQLite Local DB.
  8. Data Synchronization between Local Db and REST API.
  9. REST API for Data Synchronization.
  10. (BONUS) Backend for Goods Data Management and Member Data.
  11. Print Receipts with Bluetooth Printer

Specification of source code for android -based cashier / post application

  1. Apps are built using the Flutter Framework .
  2. Using Providers.
  3. REST API created using Lumen .
  4. Backend is made using Laravel 5.8

Here are some screenshots of the application display

Android-based postal application source code

postal app source code with flutter

cash register app source code with flutter

Please feel free to make a purchase to get the source code for this Android-based flutter application made in the Darts programming language via the BUY button below. If you are looking for a free application source code , please visit the Free Applications menu in the menu navigation above.


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