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7+ Ways to Make Money from a Blog

7+ Ways to Make Money from a Blog

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Confused about how to monetize a blog? Not only through advertising, there are many ways to make money from a blog that you can try!

Even though they are both free, the popularity of blogs in Indonesia is still inferior to Blogger. One of the reasons is the monetization problem where it is thought that it is more difficult to make money from a free blog.

This seems quite reasonable considering that Adsense is the most commonly targeted method of monetization.

Unlike Blogger, which can be paired with Adsense at no additional cost, to use Adsense on we have to upgrade to a Business account first. And the price is not cheap.

Fortunately there are still many ways to make money from a blog other than Adsense. So don't hesitate if you want to use this free blogging platform.

How to Make Money from a Free WordPress Blog

1. Selling Physical/Digital Products

Just like in general, we can use blogs to promote any product, from physical products such as handicrafts or books, to digital products such as ebooks or courses.

It's just that in the free version we can't install plugins like WooCommerce that can help create an online store easily. So if you want to make money by selling, we can only create special pages or landing pages for the products we sell.

2. Accepting Donations

This method may still be rarely done, but accepting donations is one way to make money from the posts we write on free WordPress blogs. Donations can later be sent via wire transfer, in the form of credit, or via PayPal.

To do this, we can create our own donation widget. Especially for donations via Paypal, has made a complete guide to making a Paypal donation button HERE .

3. Affiliate Marketing

The next way to make money from a free WordPress blog is through affiliate marketing . In this way, we can get a commission for every transaction made through our affiliate link. The affiliate marketing method will be very effective on blogs whose articles contain a lot of reviews or recommendations for a product. itself allows users of their free blogs to make money this way as long as the affiliate links used are not related to gambling, get rich quick schemes, MLM, pornography, malware, or other scams.

If you want to try it, there are currently many product/service providers that also provide affiliate programs that anyone can join. For example, you can recommend physical products at Blibli, Bukalapak, and Lazada through affiliate marketing. And if you want to market digital products, you can try to find their products on the Ratakan site.

4. Participate in the Blog Contest

Blog competition is a writing competition that can be followed by anyone who has a blog. If you win, there will be many attractive prizes ranging from cash, shopping vouchers, merchandise, sponsored products, to motorized vehicles.

To be able to take part in this kind of competition, the blog used does not have heavy requirements. Blogs that are allowed to be used generally must be 3-6 months old and have previous posts. So if you have a free blog that you use regularly, that blog is already eligible to be used in a blog competition.

5. Menerima Sponsored Posts

Sponsored post or content placement is an order post that we post in exchange for a fee with the aim of promoting or boosting the reputation of certain clients. Sponsored posts themselves are commonplace and you can get when the blog already has a pretty good reputation.

Not only waiting to be contacted by interested clients, we can also get this kind of job through sites that provide content placement . Some of them are Sosiago, BlogPartner, or RajaBacklink. allows their free blog service to be used to accept sponsored posts under certain conditions. Apart from having content that does not violate their terms of service, blogs should also not be entirely used to be filled with sponsored content.

So if you receive a paid post, don't forget to fill it with regular articles too!

6. Install Independent Advertising Spots

Have an empty spot that you don't use? Try writing the description 'for rent' only. Who knows there are visitors who are interested in placing independent ads on your free WordPress blog.

7. Follow the Referral Program

Maybe not many people know that there is a referral program for Automattic's services such as, Jetpack, and Woocommerce. If you meet the requirements, your blog can be selected to join this program and have the opportunity to earn commissions directly from WordPress.

Unfortunately, this referral program has quite heavy requirements and it seems that there are rarely local blogs that can follow it. Not only that, even after being registered, we must be able to collect a reward of at least $100 consistently in order to continue to participate in this program.

However, if your wordpress blog has the right niche and high traffic, there's nothing wrong with trying the referral program from

8. (Bonus) Place an Ad

Are you curious, why hasn't there been any discussion about how to place ads on a free blog?

Previously, please note that free blogs will be difficult to monetize with ads because this option is only available if you upgrade your account. The reason?

First, if you want to make money from your WordPress dot com blog through ads, then the only option that can be used is WordAds. Unfortunately free blogs can't use it right away because they have to have their own custom domain name, not one with frills behind it.

And to install this custom domain, you must at least upgrade to the Personal package.

Second , if you want to use other ad networks such as Google Adsense, users must first upgrade to a Business account which can cost more than 6 times the price of the Personal package.

In addition to the two reasons above, a blog must also have high traffic first. It is not clearly explained how much, but the range is thousands of visitors per month.

But if you're already using premium services from, there's nothing wrong with trying

From the experience of several bloggers who have tried it, WordAds can also bring in quite a large profit. Moreover, WordAds revenue takes into account more impressions than clicks.

Compared to Blogger, the free blog is still inferior in several ways. One of them is the matter of monetization which has quite a number of rules, especially if we want to earn money through advertising.

Even so, this doesn't really need to be a big problem, because there are still many other ways to make money from other blogs that we can try. If you want a blog platform that is solid, easy to use, has a good look, and isn't too fixated on earning through advertising, the free blog is still worth considering.

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