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7 Attractive Investment Ways That Anyone Can Make

7 Attractive Investment Ways That Anyone Can Make

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The term investment is certainly familiar to you. Moreover, lately, the invitation to start investing is increasingly being voiced by financial experts and even the state. Investment is a way to invest funds to at least maintain, even increase the value of these funds in the future, both in the short and long term.

There are many ways to invest and can be tailored to your needs. Investments also aim to safeguard assets, one of the things you can do is to register yourself with health insurance , including a choice of family health insurance products .

Even though the term is getting more and more popular, are you already an investor? In fact, although the value of investment in Indonesia continues to increase, the ratio of community involvement as investment actors is still far behind compared to other countries. The factor of uncertainty and fear of losing invested funds is one of the causes of the difficulty in developing investment players in Indonesia.

You may also be among those who are still hesitant in investing because they are confused about how to implement it and are afraid of the risks. In fact, there are actually various types of investments that are very simple to implement and have a level of risk that is not too high. Here are various investment methods that will make you sure to start investing for the future as soon as possible.

1. Deposit

Deposits are a type of investment that is quite safe and promises stable interest. Generally, the deposit interest rate is higher than the average annual inflation so that the valuation of the funds you invest can be maintained or even increased slightly. Currently in Indonesia, the deposit interest rate is around 5%. The interest rate will change depending on Bank Indonesia's decision regarding deposit interest rates.

Deposits are classified as a safe investment method because between you and the deposit manager from the beginning there has been an agreement regarding the interest rate applied. You will also not face a discount in the value of the deposit regardless of the manager's condition, both loss and profit.

When you decide to invest through time deposit, you just have to come to the bank and open a special deposit account. Next, you just need to relax waiting for the deposit interest to flow.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are among the types of investments that are very attractive to young people these days. The popularity of mutual funds continues to increase due to the relatively high rate of return, low to moderate risk, and minimal investment value. You can even start investing in mutual funds with a nominal value of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

When investing in mutual funds, you also don't have to bother managing your investments. This is because mutual funds are a collection of investor funds that are bought into various other investment instruments by the investment manager as the manager.

You simply deposit funds in one of the investment managers of your choice. He will later manage your investment funds with an open report. Opening a mutual fund type of investment is now even easier because there are many investment manager platforms that provide this service.

3. Precious Metals

An investment method that anyone can make is precious metals

This investment method has been very popular since ancient times. Investing in precious metals was also the choice of many old people. This type of investment is quite promising because the value of precious metals continues to increase so that the valuation value can last for years.

The precious metal that is most often used as an investment is gold. If you really want to invest in gold, you should choose gold bars. Gold bars have a more stable value and do not have a reduced cost for crafting services.

When investing in precious metals, don't expect instant results because the increase in the value of precious metals can only be felt in 5-10 years. The thing you need to pay attention to when investing in precious metals is to make a purchase at a trusted institution and store it carefully.

4. Insurance

Many people think that insurance is only a back-up if you encounter a health-related risk or loss. In fact, currently insurance has been included in the category of various promising investments. Some insurance products not only provide bailout funds to cope with the risks you experience, but also provide a place to develop funds.

Insurance products that can be an investment method are unit link or life insurance. In unit link products , you no longer need to worry about investment containers. This is because the insurance provider will manage some of your premiums to be invested in instruments that are considered profitable. By choosing life insurance as an investment step, you have prepared funds for the future with an increasing valuation.

A simple example of investing in insurance is by purchasing units of Mega Prima Link and Mega Investment Link, which are life insurance products from PFI Mega Life. These two life insurance products offer the concept of investing 100% premium funds in investment instruments such as mutual funds. By investing these funds, your premium value can increase up to 12% every year.

5. Bonds

Bonds or debt securities are also an attractive type of investment for beginners. With higher interest rates than deposits, you only need to buy bonds and then resell them when the price is high.

Bonds are currently gaining popularity since many countries issue retail debt securities that can be purchased at very affordable prices. On average, with only a minimum of IDR 1 million, you can start investing in this instrument.

In fact, when you buy bonds and are lazy to make secondary sales, you only need to wait for the term of the letter to expire to be able to get your funds back. This plus an increase in value due to the agreed interest. Just like mutual funds, bonds can now be purchased online.

6. Peer to Peer Lending

Have you ever heard of the term online loan ? The number of online lending platforms or peer to peer lending is part of the development of financial technology in Indonesia. Not only as a place to easily borrow funds, in fact this financial technology is also a promising investment instrument. The interest rate if you act as a peer to peer lending lender can reach 18-23% in a year.

This interest rate is among the highest compared to other types of investments. How to become an investor in peer to peer lending is also relatively easy because you only need to register on the peer to peer lending platform of your choice and all transactions and reports are carried out online.

7. Stock

There is no need to doubt this investment method in increasing the valuation of your funds. Many of the world's billionaires have successfully invested in stock instruments. However, this type of investment has become less popular before because it requires a fairly large amount of funds to get started. Not to mention the process of becoming an investor in stocks is quite complicated compared to when you choose other types of investments.

However, these various reasons can no longer be used to avoid stocks as an investment vehicle. Now stock savings are available. You can start buying shares in retail with an affordable nominal for the stock slot that you are interested in. The purchase is also easy because you simply register yourself at the nearest channeling bank and then you can make additional purchases online.

Making a variety of investments spread can be the right way to increase the value of your funds for the future. However, you should also remember that investment value growth tends to be more for the medium or long term so that the valuation is more pronounced. To be able to enjoy the funds that you have invested, of course, your health also needs to be taken care of.

Providing health protection through insurance products is important to ensure that future investment funds will not be used up just to pay for your health costs. By becoming an insurance participant at a trusted institution, such as PFI Megalife, you can ensure that future investment funds can be used for more convenient needs, not to finance health services whose value increases over time.

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