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6 Types of Delicious Steak, Here's How to Process It!

6 Types of Delicious Steak, Here's How to Process It!

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If you are in a steakhouse, you will definitely be faced with offers of various types of steak. Do you want sirloin, tenderloin, T-bone , or something else? Not to mention what kind of steak you want. 

Do you want rare, medium or well done? If you are not used to eating steak, you must be confused when asked these questions by the waiter.

Well, through the Taste of Home page, you will be invited to get to know several types of steak that are commonly offered in restaurants. Here's a guide you can learn about the most popular types of steak, along with the best way to cook each cut. 

types of steaks and how to process them
(Filet mignon. Photo: Doc.

1. Filet mignon 

Is the name of a steak cut from the meat of the tenderloin, a long cylindrical muscle that runs along the spine. This is one of the most expensive cuts of beef because the muscles don't work much, and it's very tender. 

You just cut it with a fork. Because they are tender, they don't need any seasoning. Just add flavored sauce or butter. 

How to cook it : Since it has almost no fat content, it doesn't take too long to cook. Simply garnish the filets with salt, pepper and whatever seasonings you like. Then, cook in a cast-iron skillet until it reaches the temperature of methocarbamol or medium-rare. 

types of steaks and how to process them
(Ribeye. Photo: Doc. Diethood)

2. Ribeye 

The most juicy steaks. These steaks are cut from the middle of the rib section and are sold as bone or boneless steaks. Ribeye has more flavor than filet mignon, but is also a bit more chewy. 

This is a fairly easy steak to cook because it has so much intermuscular fat, cooks little, and will still be juicy. 

How to cook it: There is no need to marinate this steak because of its fat content. Just use a little salt and pepper so that it doesn't mask the taste of the meat. Cook the ribeye over a dry heat, such as a grill or cast-iron skillet, until it reaches the desired temperature. 

types of steaks and how to process them
(Sirloin meat has a more chewy or tough texture, while tenderloin is generally more tender. Photo: Illustration/ 

3. Sirloin 

It is sometimes called the top sirloin. Sirloin section, near the back of the animal. The sirloin steak has a very pleasant beef-forward flavor, and its low price makes it affordable for a weekday dinner. 

How to cook it: Since sirloin doesn't have a lot of fat or intermuscular marbling, care must be taken not to overcook it. Any temperature above medium will feel dry.

types of steaks and how to process them
(Porterhouse. Photo: Doc. Bon Appetit)

4. T-bone or porterhouse 

This “T-shaped” steak is a meat lover's favorite because it actually contains two steaks, a strip and a tenderloin. They are cut from the waist short and are always sold on the bone. 

The main difference T-bone is generally cut from the back of the waist, and contains a larger portion of the filet mignon. 

How to cook it : Cook this steak over a dry heat as you would with a strip loin, using a meat thermometer if you want to make sure the steak is thickly cooked. 

After resting, cut the meat off the bone into two halves, slice each perpendicular to the bone. Then, switch the slices around the bone so it looks like a whole steak for presentation purposes. 

types of steaks and how to process them
(Hanger steak. Photo: Doc. MyRecipes)

5. Hanger steak

Is one of the best cuts of beef. It's relatively inexpensive and has a super beef-forward taste. Derived from the belly of the cow, hence the nickname "hanging" steak . When buying a whole hanger steak, ask the butcher to remove the thick, inedible membrane that runs down the middle. 

How to cook it: Soak with a strong acid component. Cook over high heat and make sure to cut the fibers before serving. You can cook on a hanger to medium-rare, but we think it tastes best on medium heat. 

types of steaks and how to process them
(Flank. Photo: Doc. The Spruce Eats)

6. Flank 

The flank steak is similar to the skirt, but has some characteristic differences. Coming from the belly, but the wings are further back towards the back of the beef. It's thicker and wider than the skirt, and cooked a little more tenderly. 

How to cook it: We recommend using a flavorful marinade (for example, a marinade with soy sauce, lemon juice, honey, and garlic) and cook the flank steak over high heat. 

It can be tough when cooked over medium, and tastes best on medium-rare. For the best eating experience, thinly slice the flank steak against the fiber. 

Rest assured that most cooking methods work well for almost any cut of steak, with some specific adjustments depending on thickness, cooking temperature preference, and type of cut. 

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