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5 Good Habits of Japanese Society That Can Be Imitated

5 Good Habits of Japanese Society That Can Be Imitated

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The Japanese people are known to highly uphold their traditional values. In fact, they are known as a society that has a very high level of discipline. Even though it is modern, Japanese people still do not forget to preserve the good habits that have been taught by their ancestors from generation to generation. 

Reporting from the Huffington Post, here are some habits that you can imitate from Japanese society:

Show respect to others

Respect is a must in Japanese culture. Japanese society tends to be more conservative than other countries. Nicknames, both to people who are older or the same age, are very much considered in the land of cherry blossoms.

Really love simplicity

Whether it's in eating, drinking tea, or the interior of the house, for Japanese people something simple and simple is key. Enjoying food is also one of the simple things that Japanese people really enjoy. That's why, in Japan it's very rare to find people eating while walking. 

(The tea ceremony  known as chanoyu or sado is a traditional Japanese ritual of serving tea to guests.  Photo: Illustration. Doc.


Japanese people also prefer to save their money rather than having to waste money on something they don't need. 

Cleanliness is the main thing

When in Japan, scattered garbage will be very rarely found. They will carry their trash home or find a trash can. The reason, cleanliness is an important issue in Japan.

For example, in Japanese restaurants usually provide warm towels (oshibori) to wash hands before customers eat. In addition, when making transactions in Japanese shops, usually money will be placed in a special tray to maintain cleanliness. 

(Japanese society is known to value time. Photo: Illustration. Doc.

On time 

In Japan, if you are late to meet or attend an event it will be considered disrespectful to other people's time. In fact, public transportation in Japan is very punctual. 

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