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3 Ways to Open Docx Files on Android, Without an Application!

3 Ways to Open Docx Files on Android, Without an Application!

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Natively, files originating from the Microsoft Word application cannot be opened on Android phones. But there are still many ways to open a docx file on Android, either without an application or with an additional application.

For the uninitiated, Docx is a format developed by Microsoft for their Word application. Docx itself comes to replace the Doc format used in the Word application in previous versions.

The popularity of the Word application makes the Docx format widely used in document creation. So don't be surprised if you can easily find files with this format when sharing writing, either via email, social media, whatsapp, and so on.

If you get a Docx file through an Android phone, you may notice that it can't be opened directly. Fortunately there are many ways to open Docx files on android even without an application.

How to Open Docx Files on Android Without Application

If you don't want to bother installing a special application, you can open Docx files online via Google Drive. In this way, you can not only view the contents of the Word document, but also edit its contents directly through the default Google Drive application.

The Google Drive application itself is usually installed by default on Android phones. If you don't have one, you can access Google Drive online via a browser.

To open a Docx file on Android without an app, just follow these steps:

how to open docx file on android online
  1. Open the File Manager application
  2. Locate the Docx file to open
  3. Tap the file to open the additional menu and select the option Send or Send
  4. After that, move the file to Google Drive by selecting the option Send to Drive or Send to Drive then save the file with the name you want
  5. If so, open the Google Drive application or access it via a browser by entering the URL
  6. Locate the uploaded Docx file one click to open and read its contents.

How to Open Word Document on Android with MS Word Application

If you often deal with Docx files and want to open Word documents offline without having to rely on an internet connection, you can install the official Microsoft Word application for Android phones.

With this application, you can not only open Docx files, but also edit, share, and display office documents in email. You can even collaborate with other people and create PDF files with this app.

To do so, simply install the Microsoft Word application . After that you can directly open docx files and various other office documents directly on your Android smartphone.

how to open docx files on android offline

How to Open a Word Document on Android with Office Apps

Apart from using the Word application from Microsoft, currently there are many other office suite applications that can also be used to open and edit Docx files. Files that you save through the office suite can also be reopened using the Word application without any significant problems.

Among the existing office suite applications, here are some popular applications that can open and edit Docx files on Android for free.

  • WPS Office – The best Word alternative on Android. In addition to opening Word documents, WPS Office can also open Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint files. This application is also compatible with other word processing applications such as MS Office 365, Google Docs, to OpenOffice.
  • OfficeSuite – Offers features that are not much different from WPS Office. You can even connect this app with cloud storage like Dropbox or OneDrive to store your files.
  • Docs To Go – One of the oldest office suite applications that can be used to open, edit, and create various Office files and PDFs directly on your Android phone.

Those are some ways to open Docx files on Android that you can do, both online and with the help of applications. Not only viewing the contents, you can even edit or create new Docx files through the Android smartphone.

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