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18 Traveling Tips and Tricks To Save Money

18 Traveling Tips and Tricks To Save Money

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We all want to find a way to take the vacation of our dreams without spending a fortune. Traveling can be expensive, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to keep your wallet from draining your wallet.

To travel as cheaply as possible, you have to be flexible.

Here are 18 tips from the experts on how to travel cheaply while still having the vacation of your dreams.

1. Search for flights in private browser tabs or incognito

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on airline tickets is to search in private or incognito browsers.

Not only that, but changing your home country to a developing country also allows you to save on your tickets. Because the price of your flight ticket actually depends on the strength of your local currency.

According to a 2018 study by, the best time to book your flight is between three weeks and four months before your trip, Tuesday and Wednesday being the cheapest days.

2. Get cheap one-way tickets using airport hub fares

Flights in and out of major airport hubs, such as Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, or Newark are more expensive, so if you're flying into a hub city, one way to save money is to purchase tickets to the nearest city with connections at the hub. For example, if you want to fly to United's hub in Houston, buy a plane ticket to the nearest Austin. Unfortunately, this only works on one-way flights.

3. Book a last minute cruise for a very cheap vacation

Unlike air travel, cruises are often the cheapest if purchased at the last minute. This is an excellent choice for longer cruises, such as the Trans-Atlantic.

Cruises also include food and entertainment, making them a better deal when compared to airfare plus food and hotel.

4. Get great flight deals on unconventional websites

Lesser-known websites often have some very cheap flight deals. Three websites to try are The Flight Deal (great deals from the US), Secret Flying (great deals from Europe), and Holiday Pirates (great deals from anywhere).

5. Take advantage of the sharing economy

Using the sharing economy on the go has endless benefits. You can find cheaper accommodations, unique tour guides and home-cooked meals with local chefs.

You can bypass the traditional travel industry by sharing an economy website and gain access to locals using their own assets and skills to become a small tourism company at a fraction of the cost.

6. Take a free walking tour

Want to learn about the city, find out where you stand, and see the main sights? Take a free walking tour. Find them by asking your local tourism office, hotel or hostel, searching on Google. You can find them in 90 percent of major cities in Europe, and there are also some in big cities in Asia, South America, New York, Australia, and New Zealand.

7. Get free flights with a travel credit card

Many cards offer a signup bonus of 50,000 points. Sign up for some travel credit cards, collect miles, and then fly for free. Make sure you travel enough to take full advantage of your credit card rewards.

8. House-sit

This allows you to get to know a destination well without paying for accommodation. You can sign up for one of the sites and stay at someone's house for free, allowing you to stay in one destination for a while and get to know it well without having to pay for accommodation. You get a kitchen to cook which saves even more money.

9. Get a city tourist card

If you plan to see many of the city's attractions, you should get a city tourism card, which offers discounts and free access to major attractions and museums, as well as free public transportation.

10. Red-eye

This saves the cost of hotel rooms or other accommodations. If you're traveling long distances, try booking a red-eye flight so you save on booking an extra hotel room and sleeping on the plane.

11. Make lunch your biggest meal

Eat your biggest meal of the day when most restaurants have 'daily specials' with meals nearly 50 percent cheaper than their dinners.

Eating out for just one meal a day is a proven way to avoid spending all your money on the go and also a way to stay healthy even while on vacation.

12. Book extra long transit on flights

Airlines like Qatar Airways will pay you to stay in a hotel for at least one night. Book flights with the longest layovers With many airlines today offering free tours and even hotels, this is the better deal.

13. Save snacks

Save snacks to spend less on food. Eating out is one of the quickest ways to drain your travel budget, bring snacks that will fill you up until your next meal.

14. Bring a reusable water bottle

This is good for your wallet as well as for the planet. Imagine if you travel for a week and buy three bottles of mineral water every day, it will be very wasteful. Another bonus is that reducing the use of plastic can help the environment.

15. Negotiate the price

Don't be afraid to ask for discounts on certain things while traveling. You can often negotiate a better price to order something.

16. Be flexible with your travel dates and destinations

Find the cheapest flights from your home airport to anywhere in the world. Use Skyscanner's 'travel anywhere' feature to find the cheapest fares from your airport to any destination in the world.

17. Watch for fare errors

You can get very cheap flights this way as long as you move fast. Act quickly to book this type of fare, as it will most likely disappear as soon as the airline realizes the error.

18. Use translate to get a discount

You can get room and board just to share your mother tongue through the language exchange program.

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